Swimming Pool and Spa Tub


Swimming is a fantastic exercise to strengthen and tone muscles as well as increase fitness without putting pressure on your joints. Why not take the plunge in our 40ft pool?

Swim often and you’ll feel slimmer, stronger, more flexible, and less stressed, it’s a great low-impact workout. With crystal clear waters and a relaxing atmosphere, there is no better place to be. As well as swimming, you can also take part in Aquafit classes.


We do allow children into the swimming pool; however, these times are restricted. For a small fee, members can bring their little ones swimming; our children’s times run from:



Monday- Friday :  8.00-10.00 am and 2.00-6.00 pm

Saturday : 8.00-7.00 pm

Sunday : 9.00-6.00 pm


If you want to relax, step up into our large Spa Tub; heated to 33 degrees, you can sit back and unwind whilst the jet massage your muscles leaving you feeling refreshed.