Spa Treatments

The Crown Spa offers a wide range of treatments that help to rejuvenate, revitalise and relax you in the best way possible.  Click here for the full menu.

Body Treatments

Crown Spa Treatments offer a wide range of body treatments which uses nourishing essential oils and hydrating shea butter while our detoxifying, stimulating and anti-aging body wraps, exfoliate and hydrate the skin reviving the whole body. Indulge further with the healing and calming touch of our professional therapists in one of our luxurious holistic body treatments, perfect for soothing tension and awakening your senses.


Focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin to provide outstanding instant and long-term results. Every facial beings with a detailed skin analysis and includes specific double cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, an acupressure facial massage and a deep cleansing and intensive face mask.

Our luxury facials will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and truly pampered. our therapists will welcome you with lifestyle consultation ensuring you have selected the perfect facial to tailor to your skin type. With a trio of cleanses, and exfliation, and mask your skin. Which will be refreshed and awakened. Lay back and unwind as we massage your neck, shoulder and face with a combination of hydrating and re-balancing essential oils.

Body Wraps

Body wrap includes: Body brush exfoliation, scalp and facial massage whilst in the wrap and moisture to the whole body to complete, 1hr use of Fire and Ice Suite with herbal tea and complementary use of a cosy snug robe, slippers and towel. Body Wraps treatments available: Seaweed Body Wrap and Ginger Spice Body Wrap.

Mud Rasul

This unique treatment experience starts inside the chamber with one of our therapists advising you on the different muds and which most benefits the particular are of the body. You then get to apply the mud, smothering yourself from head to toe in velvety layers. Once you are covered, the heat from the chamber will bake the mud to your skin, making it feel tighter – this is when the properties of the mud take effect and draw out any impurities in your body and add nourishment to your skin. Lay back, relax and breathe in the essential oil infused steam that fills the chamber, aiding congestion, softening the mud and opening your pores in readiness for the mud to be washed away. Enjoy the warm tropical rain shower at the end of the treatment as it gently washes away the mud leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Salt Scrubs

Exfoliating salts are a great way to remove the build up of dead skin cells. Dead skin can cause clogged pores and make the living skin unhealthy. Salt scrubs takes the dirt off and opens your pores preparing the skin for a more thorough cleanse. Exfoliation dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Different oils used with Salt Scrubs have various effects on different types of skin, so if you’re unsure what might suit you why not phone or email us before booking and one of our trained spa therapists will be able to recommend a treatment based on your specific needs.

The combination of oil cleansing and a salt scrub can be a real treat leaving your skin perfectly polished and gorgeously moisturised.

Massage Treatments

Massage treatments are great to relieve you of tension and stress. We have many treatments that target certain areas, from back, neck, shoulder, leg & foot, or a fully body massage that we are sure will help to effectively relieve stress and sooth muscular tension. If you are unsure which treatment is most suitable for you, then please feel free to contact one of our trained therapists, who will be able to recommend a massage for your personal needs. You might want a massage to help the tension in your shoulders due to having a desk bound job, or a sports treatment after a match. In any case, we have the ideal massage treatment for you.

Pregnancy Treatments

(Not suitable for the first tri-mester of pregnancy)
These deeply nourishing pregnancy treatments with mandarin, neroli, calming palmarosa and rosewood has been carefully designed specifically for Mum’s to Be during this very special time. Pregnancy Treatments available: Shoulder, Neck, Face & Scalp Massage, Leg & Foot Massage and Mum to be Massage.

Spa Treatments Shop

We recommend you book your Spa Treatments in advance to avoid disappointment on your arrival.  You can do this by phoning: 01723 357488 or visiting the online shop.

All treatments and packages are available as gift vouchers for friends, family and loved ones, so they have the freedom to choose their own gift at the Crown Spa. All purchases made online are sent out in the form of a decorative voucher and are valid for 4 months from the issue date.

Choice Of Treatments

Not all treatments complement each other and may, if booked together conflict in terms of the benefits they are intended to produce. If you are considering booking a range of treatments, other than those contained within specific package, we recommend that you seek the advice of our fully qualified therapists before confirming your appointments.

Medical Conditions

When you book please notify our therapists of any existing or formal medical conditions that may affect the services that we are able to offer you. e.g. Back or neck injury, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, undergone surgery in the last 3 months, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), skin allergies / sensitivity, pregnancy. You should consult your doctor prior to booking if you are unsure.  Please provide a doctor’s letter; we are unable to make refunds if you fail to disclose medical conditions at the time of booking which subsequently prevents you receiving your treatment.