Rejuvenation Suite

The Rejuvenation Suite at the Crown Spa offers a series of heat rooms and a relaxation area in a serene atmosphere to allow you mind and body to be at rest. These facilities are included with some spa packages however if you wish to  have an individual treatment, you are more than welcome to upgrade to gain use of these facilities.

Mud Rasuls

The Mud Rasul Ritual is a DIY full body cleansing treatment in our Elemental Rejuvenation Suite with the use of mud, warm steam and salt crystals. The treatment improves skin texture, removes toxins from the skin. The unique experience starts by smothering mineral rich muds to the specific areas of your body. Lay back and relax whilst the steam gently fills the room then warm cascading tropical rain drops gently wash away the mud leaving you feeling relaxed.

Fire and Ice Suite

Located in the heart of the spa, the relaxing experience of hot and cold form a therapeutic element of your spa journey. Relax in our uplifting steam rom, herbal sauna and the then cool down in our refreshing arctic ice room. Unwind your senses further in our candle lit rejuvenation suite which includes heated loungers, relaxing music and light refreshments.