National Fitness Day

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Today is National Fitness Day and we want to help encourage you to get active.
What workout plans have you got for today?
Stuck for something, want to make it quick? You don’t need to spend a long time working out to feel the benefits. Why not give one of our quick 30-minute workouts a try to get the heart pumping and blood flowing?

We have three options for you one cardio, strength and a quick circuit training plan.

Cardio Training 30
Watt Bike
2 minutes mini warm up: 80rpm at low gear
1min: 90+rpm high gear
30sec: 65rpm low gear
6 x sets total

Strength Training 30

Barbell Squat + Step up onto box Combo
Select Challenging Weight
Do following drill without rest
Squat x 10
Step up x 10
Reduce by 2 reps each set

Circuit Training 30

Do the following circuit 3 x with no rest between
Set 1: x 10 reps each
Set 2: x 12 reps each
Set 3: x 15 reps each
Press up
Kettlebell Swing
Straddle jump/step up


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