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Here is some advice from Ross to help you shave seconds if not minutes off that triathlon time,  try these simple workouts that help improve your speed power and endurance!!


WATT BIKE (alternate these day to day)

  • 20 seconds sprint at 90% 20 seconds recovery x6 (Set up workouts/tests, create workout,  intervals time) write down average watts for all 6 intervals (after)

The idea for this is to get that initial ‘kick’ from the start you need from watt bike, keep an eye out on the average watts you’ve got from 20 seconds and maintain it for all 6,  (remember go at 90% so you can just maintain it for all 6!).

  • 4x1000m 30 seconds recovery (same set up but interval  distance not time)

The idea with this is to keep up the tempo for a touch longer to make sure you don’t flag at the end! Find out your fastest 1000m add 10 seconds on and try to maintain that time x4.

TREADMILL (alternate these day to day)

  • 2 minute run 1 minute walk x4 progress speed of run each interval.

This routine is good for beginners advanced runners and encourages you to speed up and push yourself near the end!

  • 2km run

Try to keep the rhythm of the run and get into a pattern with your breathing, if you have something left in the tank on the 2nd km keep increasing the pace every 200m.

ROWER  (alternate these day to day)

  • 1 minute row 40 seconds rest x4

1 minute interval bursts followed by 40 seconds recovery, aim for a powerful tempo for one minute and do that 4 times.

  • 1km row

Exactly what’s required on the test simple target aim to get that time down!!


SQUATS 4×8 have enough weight so that 8 reps is just achievable!!

One of the best all round leg strength exercises and that is certainly needed,  8 reps is focusing mainly on strength but just being able to maintain for the last 2-3 reps.

BRAVO CABLE ROW 3X12 moderate weight, but enough that 12 reps are just achievable

Upper back strength is essential for that last 500 on the rower!!

ABDOMINAL/ BACK EXTENSION 2×15 each exercise

Keep the core tight throughout each exercise certainly key aspect for the rower!


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