Year to 31st October 2010. How did we do?

In previous years our values for CO2 produced were

2005 1005471
2006 909004 10%
2007 808851 11%
2008 767439 5%
2009 767035 0%
2010 781315 -2%

In the last year our KG CO2 has increased 2%.

Now this might look bad on the face of it without any other information, we have done all this work on efficiency and then “balls it up” in 2010.

But what has happened is that the total room stock has risen from an average of 86 rooms for 2009 to 115 for 2010, a rise of 34%, whilst room occupancy has kept steady. So we have had 30% increased activity but only increased our CO2 from fossil fuels by 2.5%.

This masked the real work we did last year in investment in staff training and plant and equipment.

So overall I am quite chuffed.