Wood Burning Boilers Arrive

Today we received 2 large ROJEK wood burning boilers at 49.5 KW weighing 500 kg each. We have bought these to assist in heating and hot water for the hotel at 100kw’s they are rather powerful as they give this output all the time as long as they are kept fed Rojek Boilerwith wood every 5 hours. Unlike a gas boilers you can not turn them off so they basically operate at a lesser degree of flexibility so you need some large vessels to store all the hot water produced. Fortunately we have just the thing in the accumulator tanks. The aim is to use this heat to supply the hotel and test the theory and principle of attempting to run a hotel this size with some green energy. Incidentally we got the boilers from http://www.axminster.co.uk/shop-Rojek.htm the delivery and service have been very good.

UPDATED April 2009; We have not as yet fitted these boilers we are somewhat behind a little; such is life. We are having trouble finding a place that is not too far away where we can fit the 5000l accumulator; these things are very big!