We Are Now Organised for Recycling!

We have just started to work with Scarborough and Filey Trust for Recycling; as an organisation we can now recycle the following items:

  1. Waste office paper – shredded in bin liners, separated from un shredded. Keep staples to a minimum, but the odd few is not a problem
  2. Plastic containers from cleaning fluids etc – remove caps and/or spray units. At present we cannot take the spray units but are investigating the caps. Please rinse if they have had anything hazardous in them. We are still awaiting details of how these need to be separated. Small milk containers from bedrooms to be kept separate.
  3. Printer/toner cartridges – please put into original box wherever possible. Still checking out the other consumables!
  4. Cardboard – flattened. boxes must be kept dry.
  5. Clean wood off-cuts – all except chipboard and MDF
  6. Tin cans (steel ) – rinse and remove any paper label.
  7. Plastic drinks bottles – caps removed, caps can be taken if bagged separately.
  8. Lids from glass bottles – separate steel from other metals if possible.
  9. Bedding, towels, surplus catering equipment etc.
  10. Metal drinks cans and ring pulls.

I am still waiting for them to come back to me on some of the more exotic. We are using bags in various colours to make life easier for sorting.

Though I still think, if only we weren’t sent so much crap with the things we buy, we wouldn’t have to recycle so much!