URGENT – This is not a circular, CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment ESS Scheme)

I got this email below today

You should have been receiving correspondence from the Environment Agency in relation to the Carbon Reduction Commitment ESS Scheme. The deadline of 30th September 2010 is fast approaching for all organisations with Half Hourly Metered Electricity supplies to complete their online registration. Please note that should you miss this deadline the penalty may be invoked of £5,000 fine imposed immediately with a further £500 per working day to a maximum of 80 working days. Based on the Half Hourly meters that TEBL administer contracts on your behalf, we believe that you are to register as an Information Declarer. You are required to only declare information and are not a full participant in the scheme. However, please ensure that you look to the highest UK parent organisation and should you believe that based on Calendar 2008 your organisation did use over the 6,000MWh’s of Half Hourly metered usage, then please contact Victoria Clarke ASAP to discuss the options and implications. Please can you look to complete the required registration via the CRC online registry on the Environment Agency Website and confirm by reply once this has been done so that we are able to update our records.

Basically no need to panic, just register on the site and you get a CRC registration number and fill out a form (information disclosure), regarding you energy usage.