The Year so Far in Brief

Today we applied for the solar panel on the roof (fingers crossed), in order to do this I have extracted some data and updated our Green Policy in agreement with our “Green Team”.

Our main aims are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Free Cycle and lastly Carbon Offset.
Our KG Co2 for the last 4 years is below;

2005 1,005,000KG
2006 909,000 KG -10 % reasons; various actions
2007 809,000 KG -12% reasons; master switches
2008 767,439 KG – 5% Reasons; various reasons LED lights some but mostly change in behaviour

In the 12 months to end of October this year we have reduced KG’C02 produced by 42,000 KG’s.

We have been really pleased with this achievement as it equates to a 5% reduction in year on year, this is after already introducing in previous years low energy lighting, efficient boilers (that can run at 450c) and master switches for guest bedrooms.

During recent months we have been identifying are consuming the most energy, this has been tied down to areas where the lighting is on for 8 hours or more per day. Our solution has been to look towards LED lighting solutions. We have replaced a large number of 12v 50Watt halogen lights with 48 LED and 60LED lights, these lights use 1.5 and 2.5 watts for the equivalent light output and last on average 20000 hours, though they do cost around £3.5 to £5.00 per bulb. These bulbs pay for themselves with running costs in 4 months; the only main problem encountered is that choosing a light with a direct warmth and light output replacement takes a lot of research, but research that is worth it.

We have also noted that when the Halogen lights are replaced less heat is produced meaning that the air conditioning does not need to be on anywhere near as much.

Energy CO2 Consumption

The above graph on first view does not show much difference but overall the biggest single gain is the room power master switches fitted in June 2007, along with the behavioural changes from the hotel team.