Sending Hyperlinks does not always work as a hyperlink should! Why?


I have listened to a few users at work and noticed that some people are having problems sending hyperlinks within emails.

This is often due to links for files or folders having spaces in them, I have tried to eliminate spaces in the file structure on the new server but this is not always possible when it comes to file names made by users.

A simple fix is available for this issue, simply enclose you hyperlink which is not recognised in speech marks (“  “).


You need to send a hyperlink to a hypothetical document we will call “sample document.doc” stored on say a share directory.

\shared-directoryFilessample document.doc                                           may not always go blue with an underline (i.e. Windows does not recognise the full-link as a hyperlink)

Simply adding the speech marks as prefix and sufffix.

\shared-directoryFilessample document.doc

will sort out the spaces messing up the hyperlink for you, it also makes the speech marks disappear ( I have re-added them for clarity as you can see the link has gone blue).