Second Carbon Trust Report?

I received our second Carbon Trust report today, the consultant Paul Redding of Redding Associates was very good he definitely knew his stuff. We now have a good action plan for reducing our carbon emissions.

1. We need to implement a recurring staff training, reminding and enforcing policy for environmental awareness on a roll out plan. DONE March 2008, we have improved on what we already had.

2. We will be switching off the 25 computers at night which used to consume 80 watts or produce 5 tonnes of CO2 per year, we have now fitted a central master switch for each set of computers. DONE March 2008, I bought some town extension unist and this has worked well. UPDATED September 2008, I am now putting these on other low draw electrical items.

3. Install high frequency lighting retrofits for the fluorescent lighting; in fact we are getting rid of then for LED lights! UPDATED September 2008, I have done this where possible, but also looking for a longer term LED solution.

4. Have a good look at what is left on powered up for 11 hours plus a day, it turns out most of the lighting is left on so we will be changing to LED and turning them off. UPDATED June 2008 Just started fitting them!

4. Fit variable speed controls for the pool pumps, this we have done as just a week after the report the 1st pump failed then 3 weeks later the back up pump failed. Such is fate. DONE March 2009, just fitted the first ones as the old ones failed.