Scarborough Boxing Day Traditions

On Boxing Day, usual tradition has it that almost the entire town goes out, to catch up with friends and prolong the festive fun.  To many it is the favourite day of the year.

It seems to be a local tradition that doesn’t happen elsewhere, or if it does in limited areas.  It’s a Scarborough tradition, a festive occasion which is termed “Ladies Day”. There are various explanations as to how it came about, but the most common held one is that the fishermen’s wives were given the day off to go for a drink after they had worked really hard in preparing and delivering Christmas.  So the pubs opened to give them a place to relax after the previous days festivities.

Although it’s called “Ladies Day” still, it is now for everyone to enjoy.  The pubs usually open at 11am, everyone is in hight spirits and happy to talk about the good and bad of their Christmas. It’s also a time to catch up with people you see every day, or the ones you occasionally see.

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On Boxing Day, people meet up with friends and go round the pubs from 11am onwards – as you can imagine there’s a good chuck of drinking time and fun.  Extra police are on hand, although I haven’t seen any trouble since I started the Boxing Day tradition.

For everyone the Christmas build-up is intense that once presents have been opened and the turkey eaten it can seem a bit of a let down, however in Scarborough it is not.