Running Compatibility Mode on remote .exe's, Impossible not!

I love W7, but sometimes things still go wrong. We have an acient program that runs the .exe from a network source using a VisualFoxPro DB.

It kept having occasional crashes, which is very anoying when in a reception enviroment and live production enviroment.

The answer is to run the .exe in compatability mode, but the .exe is on a romote network resource, caqn it be done?

Fortunately, W7 proves it is up for the job;

Follow the steps below:
1. Click Start.
2. Type in Troubleshooter in the Start Search.
3. Click on Programs.
4. Click on Program Compatibility.
5. Click Next.
6. Click Not Listed.
7. Enter the .exe file path in the location (this should be \remote-driveancient-softwareancient.EXE)

8. Click Try Recommended Settings

9. Settings should apply Windows Compatibility Mode: Windows XP

10. Click Next

11. Click Start the Program button, it will error as its not passing a start in location for our application

12. Click Cancel on the error messages from the premier software

13. Click Next

14. Click Yes, save these setting for this program

15. Click Close

16. Close and re-open the Ancient-Program shortcut. 🙂

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