Acoustic Gathering 2012

Now in its seventh year, Acoustic Gathering is back and bigger than ever.

Only costing £15 on Saturday and £5 on Sunday, you will be hard pressed to find a cheaper event with this calibre of musicians.

The Lighting Seeds, Chris Helme, Mark Stanley and the Field Notes will be performing from 6PM on Saturday 8th September.

On Sunday you can enjoy the likes of 3 Daft Monkeys, John Hutchinson & The Sultans of Thwing, Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts and many more. It only costs £5 for an all-day ticket. Children under 12 accompanied by an adult get in free.

Tickets can be bought via, or in-store at Mojo’s Café.

Art Summer Holiday Workshops for Children this August

Lisa Riley is running arts and craft workshops on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings 10am-12 noon during August at a cost of £15 per child to include all materials and in the case of the clay workshops will include the firing of their work. The workshops are for children aged 6-12 years and spaces are limited to 8 children per session.

Week One
Wed 1st – Creative Clay (1) hand building techniques, coil and pinch pots
Thur 2nd – Traditional Weaving & Braiding Workshop
Fri 3rd – Paper Making / Paper Pulp

Week Two
Wed 8th – Creative Clay (2) decoration methods
Thur 9th – Felting Fun
Fri 10th – Bead & Wire Creations

Week Three
Wed 15th – Creative Clay (3) models
Thur 16th – Modroc Sculptures
Friday 17th – Printing Workshop

Week Four
Wed 22nd – Creative Clay (1) hand building techniques, coil & pinch pots
Thur 23rd – Traditional Weaving and Braiding Workshop
Fri 24th – Felting Fun

Week Five
Wed 29th – Creative Clay (2) decoration methods
Thur 30th – Bead & Wire Workshop
Fri 31st – Paper Making / Paper Pulp

There is more information about the workshops and what they entail on my website:

A qualified teacher with a BA QTS in art and design, C.R.B. checked and have public liability insurance with SSA (The Society for All Artists)
The workshops run from her home studio on Stepney Road in Scarborough.

I also run after-school classes in art and also a clay club.

Call: 07547 348814
Website is

Something different for the weekend (Westwood Studio Theatre)

Westwood Studio Theatre, Valley Bridge Parade, Scarborough.
23 June & 1 July at 7:30pm
Tickets £8.50 or £6.50 Concessions.

Journeyman Theatre Company are coming to Scarboroughwith “LIFE CHOICES”, an evening of theatre unlike anything seen locally for a long time.  Prepare to be stimulated, challenged, excited and entertained!

TONGUES, a beautifully crafted and evocative piece, sees actor Dan Welch and musician Ernest Acquah take us on a journey of voices.  Seventeen different characters (at least!) show us flashes of the most significant moments of their lives and deaths, challenging us to think about what is really important and maybe inspiring a newfound love of life.

TRIANGLE, by James Saunders (a contemporary and associate of Pinter and Ayckbourn is essentially a piece of experimental theatre.  With humour and adult themes Dan Welch takes us into the tortured mind of an actor without a script with hilarious and tragic results.  You won’t be sitting comfortably!

“For me, Saunders is one of the giants of British theatre.  Risky, Quirky and with wit that can flash like a kingfisher’s wing.  I’ve been lucky enough to work with all three creatives before.  Modesty, dedication and deep talent makes for a heavy brew.  Dan is quite simply my current favourite actor.  I’ve taught him at drama school and he’s one of the smartest risk takers on stage.  One day you might just mention you were there!”

Paul Elsam – Director, Actor & Author of best-selling “Acting Characters”

“Evocative and compelling”
Mary Luckhurst – Playwright


Westwood Studio Theatre, Valley Bridge Parade, Scarborough.
23 June & 1 July at 7:30pm
Tickets £8.50 or £6.50 Concessions.
Available from Tourist Information, BrunswickPavillion.

Cloned Workstations Not showing in WSUS? Troublshooting WSUS

Did you clone some machines?

You may find that some of the machines that do not show up in Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) just happen to be machines that you cloned? Or a machine broke and you recreated it by cloning another machine?

Other Sympthoms You May Get which have the same fix.

  • Computers randomly disappearing – reappearing into the WSUS console.
  • Computer will receive updates, but not report into the server properly (if at all!).

Why does this happen?

Each computer on a network requires a SID (Security IDentifier), which uniquely describes that computer account to the rest of the Windows network resources – supposedly not as big of an issue with computers in a domain environment as it is with workgroups.  However, it is best to avoid this issue at all costs.

If you clone a PC the OS and such is copied to the new PC, and you change the windows product key, office ect.. The windows SID used by WSUS DOES NOT CHANGE WITH THE PRODUCT KEY CHANGE! :(

The PC you just cloned now has the same SID for WSUS as the original PC, so you can now see why you may be getting any of the afore mentioned sympthoms.

Do I have this Problem? :)

The Microsoft team have a tool called “PsGetSid” the link is below.

Run this on the machines you have an issue with and comfirm that you are running duplicate keys first.

It is a great tool to verify the issue.

Run it from CMD Prompt to see the result.

One or Two Machines Cloned?

Just delete the following keys in the registry and reboot the PC

  • HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateAccountDomainSid
  • HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdatePingID
  • HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateSusClientId

Then run “PsGetSid” to confirm the SID has changed.

Lots of Machines Cloned?

To get round this you will need to run a script for each machine at logon, there is a guide here on how to run logon scripts.


Once you know how to run a script at logon you will need to compile a script to perform the changes needed to the registry automatically at login by deleting the following keys

  •  HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateAccountDomainSid
  • HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdatePingID
  • HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateSusClientId

Using a script when the PC is at Logon means that you will also need to stop services, then delete the keys then start the services again.

Therefore, the script will need to be a little more complex than just a bunch of REG DELETE commands.

I first did a lot of reading up on the issue on various “quality websites” (not everything on the web is useful! or true!)

In the end I used a modified login script per below which I copied into a .txt file and then changed the .txt suffix to .bat which was subsequently ran at logon.

Any way you run the below script at you own risk, no warranty is given or implied for the below script in any way or form!

Please read this script and get an understanding of each stage of the process that the bat file goes through and you will see how it works and so you can even write your own solution, my BAT file was called “FixMy_WSUS.bat”


REM ** Start FixMy_WSUS.bat script  Echo This little bat file will stop services, delete the required REG keys, re-register the windows update components, restart the required services. Then initiate windows update detetction cycle.

@echo on

echo stopping Windows Update cpmponents and deleting logs..

net stop wuauserv /y

net stop bits /y

rmdir c:windowsSoftwareDistribution /S /Q

del C:WindowsWindowsUpdate.log /S /Q

echo deleting the registry keys..

REG DELETE “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdate” /v AccountDomainSid /f

REG DELETE “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdate” /v PingID /f

REG Delete “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdate” /v SusClientId /f

REG Delete “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdate” /v SusClientValidation /f

REG DELETE “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateAuto Update” /v LastWaitTimeout /f

REG DELETE “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateAuto Update” /v DetectionstartTime /f

REG Delete “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWindowsUpdateAuto Update” /v NextDetectionTime /f


echo re-resistering Windows Update cpmponents..

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32wuapi.dll /s

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32wups.dll /s

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32wuaueng.dll /s

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32wucltui.dll /s

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32msxml3.dll /s

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32wuaueng1.dll /s

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32wups2.dll /s

regsvr32.exe c:windowssystem32wuweb.dll /s


net start wuauserv /y

net start bits /y


echo Initiating Windows Updates detection cycle…

wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization

wuauclt.exe /detectnow

wuauclt.exe /reportnow

@echo off

REM **End FixMy_WSUS.bat script


Fairies in art at Scarborough Art Gallery

A leading Oxford academic, writer and broadcaster takes the stage at Scarborough Art Gallery later this month to discuss the history of fairies in art.

Diane Purkiss is an English faculty member at Keble College, Oxford, and a published historian. She is the author of Fairies and Fairy Stories: A History, described by The Times as ‘enchanting… witty… full of surprises and delights’. She is currently working on a project on Shakespeare, the supernatural, and Elizabethan magic.

Diane reviews for The Times Literary Supplement, The Sunday Telegraph, The Telegraph and The Guardian, and appears frequently on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and on BBC TV. She also writes children’s books with her teenage son, Michael Dowling, under the pseudonym Tobias Druitt.

Her talk is part of the Friday Lates series of events at Scarborough Art Gallery, and will take place at 7pm on Friday 29 June. The Gallery will be open from 6pm to 10pm for anyone who wants to see the current exhibition Fears, Foes & Faeries, and the talk is included in the standard admission fee of £2 (concessions £1.80 – or free to Open Return Ticket holders).

Record Breaker to carry the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay on the NYMR

With less than a week to go until the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is pleased to announce that they plan to run two engines during the time the Torch is carried on the railway.

Philip Benham, General Manager explains that “We hope to use the streamlined A4 Pacific locomotive Sir Nigel Gresley – itself a world record holder as the fastest steam engine since the Second World War, at a speed of 112mph in 1959 and the locomotive Green Knight, 75029 as the torch works its way through the heart of the national park on its journey from Whitby to Pickering”

It departs Whitby Station at 10:09 and is due to arrive at 11:34 in Pickering Station. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is extremely privileged to be given the opportunity not only to carry the Olympic Torch from Whitby to Pickering; it is the only Heritage Railway that is lucky enough to be carrying the torch on the footplate. “The community is very much at the heart of the event and we have invited 220 school children from along the line on-board the “Torchbearer” to help us celebrate this fantastic day” said Phillip Benham.

Amongst the invited party will be Rooney Masara a former 1972 British Olympian and his Wife who run Beech Farm Cottages just outside Pickering. Rooney Masara explains “My father took me to the 1948 Olympics when I was 5 years old, I was lucky enough to be in the British Team for the Munich Olympics in 1972 and so as you can imagine I am excited about London 2012 and having the Torch Relay on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.”

The “Torchbearer” train and Whitby Station are not open to the public, and there is limited access to the platform at Pickering Station. Danielle Bradley, Marketing Manager for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway explains “there is no better place to see the Torch in Whitby or Pickering. In Whitby the route runs through the town before entering the station and once it arrives in Pickering it leaves the railway and onto Park Street before passing The Ropery and onto the A170 towards Scarborough where it is in torchbearer mode until the 40mph sign. Anywhere along both routes would be an ideal place to see this monumental event.”

The NYMR will be running to a special timetable on Monday 18th June 2012 between Pickering and Whitby.  The 10.09 service from Whitby and the 12.00 service from Pickering will not be available to the public. Other services are still in operation throughout the day, please check before you set off on your journey.

Fares are £22.50 for adults, £19.50 for seniors and £11.30 for children for a day rover ticket allowing unlimited travel between Pickering and Whitby.  A family ticket (two adults and up to four children) is available for just £45.00. Children under five ride free.

For more information, please call 01751 472508, visit or follow us on Twitter @NYMR or Facebook @North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Every effort is made to run to the timetable and to operate all trains with steam unless otherwise advertised. NYMR reserves the right to alter, cancel or suspend services, special events and advertised attractions. NYMR accept no liability for any loss, inconvenience or delay thereby caused.

PLEASE NOTE: In exceptionally severe weather, please check the latest local travel updates and information on our website , Facebook @North Yorkshire Moors Railway and twitter @NYMR


18th June Timetable

Pickering dep. 0900 1030 1300 1500
Levisham dep. 0920 1120 1320 1520
Newtondale Halt dep. 1129 1329 1529
Goathland arr. 0945 1146 1346 1546
dep. 0947 1150 1350 1550 1610
Grosmont arr. 1005 1205 1405 1605 1625
dep. 1035 1635
Whitby arr. 1055 1700
Whitby dep. 1100 1400 1730
Grosmont arr. 1120 1422 1750
dep. 1130 1330 1430 1510 1630 1800
Goathland dep. 1150 1350 1450 1525 1650 1815
Newtondale Halt dep. 1203 1403 1503 1703
Levisham dep. 1220 1420 1520 1720 1840
Pickering arr. 1240 1440 1540 1740 1900

Trains run daily until Sunday 4th November 2012

Information regarding parking in Pickering

  • A park and ride service will be operating from Pickering Showground on the A169, to Eastgate Square Car Park. There will be a small charge for this service.
  • The North Yorkshire Moors Railway pay and display car park (£4 all day) is open to the public but with restricted use, please arrive early.
  • On street parking along the route or in parking bays will not be available on the day. The market will be operational and Market Place will also be closed to traffic.
  • A temporary car park is available at Pickering Recreation Club. Follow the signs on Recreation Road, as you enter Pickering on A169. Charges will apply.
  • Pay and Display car parks are available at Vivis Lane, Eastgate Square Car Parks. However, part of these car parks will be restricted use only.

'Fat tax' on unhealthy food must raise prices by 20% to have effect, says study (Guardian)

“Fat taxes” would have to increase the price of unhealthy food and drinks by as much as 20% in order to cut consumption by enough to reduce obesity and other diet-related diseases, experts have said. Such levies should be accompanied by subsidies on healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables to help encourage a significant shift in dietary habits, according to research published in the British Medical Journal.

Academics led by Dr Oliver Mytton and Dr Mike Rayner of the Department of Public Health at Oxford University examined the evidence from around the world for what they call health-related food taxes. Denmark has brought in a “fat tax”, Hungary a “junk food tax” and France a tax on all sweetened drinks. Peru intends to add levies to junk food and Ireland may also introduce such taxes. David Cameron last October said the UK should considering following suit.

While it is unclear how such taxes could be brought in and enforced, they could help ensure that poor diet plays less of a role in future in a range of illnesses such as heart disease, type two diabetes and tooth decay, as well as obesity.

Although the less well-off are affected more by health-related food taxes, they may also ultimately benefit because “progressive health gains are expected because poor people consume less healthy food and have a higher incidence of most diet-related diseases, notably cardiovascular disease”, the authors say.

Evidence suggests that bigger health gains result from increasing the price of a broad range of foods rather than a narrow one, and sugary drinks offer the best proof that such a move can be effective. Research in America found that a 35% tax on drinks sweetened with sugar sold in a canteen, which added about 28p to the price, led to a 26% drop in sales. Studies have estimated that a 20% levy on such drinks in the US would cut obesity by 3.5% and that adding 17.5% to the cost of unhealthy food products in the UK could lead to 2,700 fewer deaths from heart disease.

But the food industry attacked the research. “When the whole of the food industry is focused on continuing to give hard-pressed families great tasting food at an affordable price, discussion of adding 20% to food prices seems fanciful if not irresponsible,” said Terry Jones, director of communications for the Food and Drink Federation, which represents food producers and retailers. Firms were working with the Department of Health through its Public Health Responsibility Deal “to make meaningful improvements in public health through pledges in areas such as salt and calorie reduction, and our commitment to improving the health of our employees”, he added.

Anne Milton, the public health minister, said the Department of Health was keeping an eye on all the evidence emerging internationally about such taxes. She defended the policy of relying on voluntary deals with food firms, which critics have criticised as an inadequate substitute for regulation of the food industry. “We are working with food companies through the Responsibility Deal to reduce calories and ensure healthier options are available. We believe that collective voluntary action can deliver real progress quickly,” Milton added.

Upcoming events at the Futurist Theatre 2012

Sat 5th May 7:30pm
The ELO Experience 2012
A “Tribute to Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra” The ELO Experience perform their greatest hits, taking audiences back to the days when these amazing songs were first heard. Two hours of nostalgia with this amazing 7 piece band.
All seats £17.00


Sat 12th May 7:30pm
‘Jive Talkin’ perform The Bee Gees
Accompanied by a live String Section the three leading men, with stunningly convincing vocals, are bringing the Bee Gees Greatest Hits to life. An emotional musical journey in this truly amazing concert!
Seats £17 OAP £15 Child £10


Thurs 17th May 7:30pm
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac
Replicating perfectly timeless classics, taking you on a nostalgic evening of breathtakingly outstanding musicianship, and all performed in the context where the songs work best – a live stage.
All seats £22.50


Sun 27th May 7:30pm
Gerard Kenny
Novella award winning Singer/Songwriter Gerard Kenny endows this glorious body of songs with his own inimitable warmth and joy. You will never hear them better performed than in The Great American Songbook.
All seats £17.50


Tues 5 June 7:30pm
Stewart Francis: ‘Outstanding in his field’
The star of ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Live at the Apollo’, embarks on a tour with a fantastic and hilarious new show! “A brilliant comic brain… this stand-up cracks some of the best one liners I’ve ever heard” Guardian.
All seats £17.50 (16 years and over)


Thurs 6th Sept 7:30pm
Gary Mullen & The Works
Perform ‘One Night of Queen’. When Gary won the Grand Final of ‘Stars in their eyes’ back in 2000 as the legendary Freddie Mercury, his show, with fantastic lighting, staging and sound, has rocked Queen fans everywhere!
Seats £18 Child £10 Family £52


Thurs 18th Oct 8:00pm
The Hairy Bikes Larger Than Live
“This time it’s going to be bigger, bolder, funnier, and packed with more food and laughs than ever before. We’re not just giving you a show, we’re giving you a real night out. Filled with plenty of surprises, expect the unexpected…”
All seats £25


Thurs 29th Nov 7:30pm
Peter Andre
In the ‘Up Close and Personal’ tour Peter performs live with his band all of his hits including ‘Mysterious Girl’ and ‘Behind Closed Doors’. He promises that this will be his best tour yet with a few surprises in store!
Seats £28.50, £45, £55, £65, £75


26th July, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Aug at 7pm
Chuckle Brothers (The return of Pirates of the River Rother 2)
Child £14, Adult £15, Family £52


11th Aug 7:30pm
An Evening of Dirty Dancing (The tribute show)
Seats £18, OAP £16,  Child £10


18th, 19th, 28th, 29th Aug 7.30pm
Cirque Du Ciel’s ‘Shanghi’
The internationally acclaimed production with over 30 amazingly multi-talented and skilled performers, over 500 superb costumes and intricate scenery and lighting will enthral audiences of all ages.
Seats £22.50, £20, £17, Child £12, Family £60


8th & 15th Aug 8:00pm
The Cannon & Ball show
Seats £17, Child £8, Family £42


25th Aug 7:00pm
Ken Dodd ‘Happiness Show’
Seats £19, Child £17


26th Aug 7:30pm
Joe Longthorne
Seats £20, £22.50, Child £5


Mon 10th – Sat 15th Sept
Little Voice
The Olivier award-winning comedy, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is a sparkling night of music, divas and romance, written and directed by Jim Cartwright. Starring Beverley Callard (Coronation Street), Ray Quinn (Dirty Dancing, X Factor, Dancing On Ice Winner), Joe McGann (Calendar Girls, Upper Hand, The Hanging Gales) and introducing the sensational Jess Robinson as Little Voice.

In this heart-warming tale, shy Little Voice spends most of her time hidden away with her late father’s record collection, perfecting her astonishing impersonations. Her extraordinary talent remains a secret until she is overheard by local talent scout Ray Say. Determined to hit the big time, Ray sets about creating the show of the century with Little Voice as his star. When the big night arrives, Ray is convinced that this is his last chance for fame and fortune. But has anyone asked Little Voice what she wants?

Eves 7:30pm, Mats Wed & Sat 2:00pm
Mon all seats £19.50
Wed mat all seats 17.00
Tues – Fri eve £14, £19, £24, £27
Sat mat & eve £17.50, £23.50, £27.50, £29.50

Parties buy 10 get 1 free!


2nd Oct – 6th Oct
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Having enjoyed sensational reviews, Bill Kenwright’s ‘Amazing’, ‘Superb’, ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Brilliant’ production of Time Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sparkling family musical continues to enjoy huge success across the country with standing ovations at every performance.

Retelling the Biblical story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colours, this magical musical is full of unforgettable songs including ANY DREAM WILL DO, CLOSE EVERY DOOR TO ME, and ONE MORE ANGEL.

Evenings 7:30pm / Sat 8:00pm
Matinees Wed 2:00pm / Sat 2:00pm & 5:00pm

Tuesday all seats £20.00, Wed Mat all seats £18.00
Wed-Fri Eves £15, 17.50, £22, £25
Sat Mats & Eve £17.50, £21.50, £25.50, £27.50

Children* £5 OFF any seat! (Except Tues)
(*Under 16 yrs / 1 child per adult)
Parties Buy 10 Get 1 Free! (Cheapest ticket Free)
School Parties: Wed Mat Pupils £9.00. Teacher 1 in 10 Free!

Events this weekend (28th-29th April)

Date Event Location Time
Sat/Sun Fears Foes & Faeries Exhibition Scarborough Art Gallery 10:00 – 17:00
Sat/Sun Festival of Speed Hill Climb Oliver’s Mount Check
Sat/Sun Titanic – A Centenary Exhibition Scarborough Maritime Centre 11:00-16:00
Sat/Sun Marc Chagall Exhibition Woodend Creative Workspace 09:00-17:00
Sat Guinness Book Record attempts North Bay Miniature Railway 16:30
Sat The Olympic Games YMCA Theatre 19:30
Sat Miles Cain reading and music Taylors Café & Books 20:00-22:00
Sat Sessions: The Big One 2012 Scarborough Spa Complex 20:00-01:00
Sat Dino Club Rotunda Museum 10:00-12:00
Sat Billy Fury Story – Halfway to Paradise Futurist Theatre 19:30
Sat Soric String Quartet Stephen Joseph Theatre 19:30
Sun Murder Mystery Dinner The Glass House Café and Bistro TBC