Open multiple Instances of Excel in Office 2010 and 2007

After over 2 years of using MS Office 2007 and now 2010 (a couple months),  I have become really frustrated with Excel opening in the same instance, especially when I now have two excellent monitors.

 This single instance “feature” was implemented in Office 2007 to save memory, and is a great feature if you are working on alike notebooks, but bloody pointless when you have two monitors and 4GB of RAM and 4 CPU’s in your work PC!

But I now have a solution!

This fix works by adding certain keys into your registry.

It will not only allow you to double-click on an icon and have it open in a separate window, but also adds a neat little Right Click dialog that reads “Open in New Excel Instance”, when you right click an excel file.

 Pop over here and download the  zip file

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