New In-House Laundry Opens

The LaundryToday we sent the laundry back to Sunlight, why? Well because we were very conscious of the environmental impact of the the lorry to Durham and back 5 days per week with our laundry. I have performed very through calculations and I hope they are right or else I will be eating a large helping of humble pie!

UPDATED January 2009; I now have one full months worth of meter readings for the laundry and I have made extrapolation calculations below, so it looks like no humble pie for myself.


  1. the Sunlight lorry traveled 180 miles (290 257.5Km) round trip in lorry which produced 272kgs of CO2 per trip with 260 trips per year giving a total CO2 output of 70 metric tonnes of fossil fuel derived Co2 per annum.

*Assumption for diesel fuel 2.68 kg’s of CO2 per litre diesel consumed and a lorry consumes roughly 0.35 litres per kilometre traveled.

The new laundry consumes

15m3 fresh water per month 300m3 or 23kg’s fossil fuel derived Co2 per year (though this should vastly decrease by 70% when the gray water system is installed)
The laundry equipment consumes 1500 m3 of gas per month or 39 metric tonnes fossil fuel derived Co2 per year (though this should decrease by 50% when the wood burning boilers are installed)
The laundry uses roughly 96Kwhrs of electricity per day for 365days per year or 15 metric tonnes fossil fuel derived Co2 per year.

Therefore roughly laundry fossil fuel derived Co2 produced as now 54 metric tonnes of Co2 per annum. Saving roughly 16 metric tonnes of co2 per year (1.75 households).
When wood burning boilers installed fossil fuel produced as now 35 metric tonnes of Co2 per annum. Saving roughly 35 metric tonnes Co2 per year (3.5 households).

Additional plus points

  • 3 full time jobs for the local economy.
  • Better quality linen can be used.
  • Financially the project breaks even after 18months, allowing for reserves to be accumulated to replace equipment as required after 3 years.
  • Managed to recover 2 extra bedrooms from old linen stores as we had to store more linen in the previous scenario.