LED Bulbs Arrive

Today we finally received 250 2.5w 60 LED GU10 bulbs. 185 are for the corridors of the Health Club and Spa Treatments; these corridors are lit for 15 hours per day, each bulb was a 50watt halogen; this equates to around 22 tonnes of CO2 per year (about 2 average households) and they cost £5600 per annum in electricity costs.GU10 LEDs
The LED replacement bulbs cost roughly £6 each and the cost of fitting each bulb with various adapters is around £8 giving a total cost to replace these 185 bulbs of roughly £2500. Fortunately these replacement bulbs are 3watt each (considerably less than 50watt), they will still be on 15 hours per day but will now produce only 1.31 tonnes of Co2 and cost around £350 per year to have lit. We got these bulbs from Graham Smith of Future Green Light on Ebay shops.