Health & Fitness in the news – 10/05/11

Exercise and Industry

1. Work out and help the heroes – Women Fitness Blog

In a bid to raise money for Help The Heroes charity, Gym for Heroes will be challenging the public to take part in UK’s largest physical activity based endurance contest.
Women Fitness Blog

2. Drug trial to prevent obese kids – BBC News

Obese pregnant women are to be given a drug to reduce the risk of obesity in their children as part of an NHS trial. Overweight women supply too much food to a growing baby which can lead to health problems for mother and child. UK doctors want to try to control this with metformin, which is used to treat diabetes. Weight Concern said it was an intriguing idea, but ideally women should reach a normal weight before pregnancy.
BBC News

Health and Lifestyle

1. Breastfed children are better behaved – The Telegraph

Researchers have found that those who are breastfed for at least four months as babies are 30 per cent less likely to exhibit a range of behavioural problems when they start school. Such problems include anxiety, clinginess, bad behaviour such as lying and stealing, as well as being hyperactive. Critics of such studies, which many fear stigmatise those who do not breastfeed, say that mothers that do tend to be older, better educated and better off.
The Telegraph

2. Ask the doctor: Could a jab stop my bones crumbling? – Daily Mail

First let me reassure you that your treatment to date has been absolutely correct. Osteoporosis affects bone density — if healthy bone is like a block of wood, bone affected by osteoporosis is like white foam polystyrene (the sort used as packing material) and is so much easier to snap or crush.
Daily Mail