Excel Crashes everytime you data sort, data filter in Office 2010


Excel crashes when a particular spread sheet is being used, the spread sheet is a 2003 or 2007 version (or any spread sheet created before December 2010) the crash happens consistently when using a specific function such as Data Sort, Charting, Data Filters etc..

Often this suddenly happens to an old spreadsheet you have had a few years say from an older version of Office XP, 2003 and Office 2007.


1  Open the 2003 or 2007 file in 2010, then save it as a 2010 “Excel Workbook” (Select ‘Save As’, then under the filename select ‘Excel Workbook (*.xls)’).

This will save it in Excel 2010 format (However, this is not enough.  If you look at the top of the screen (in the middle  ) near the file name, you will see ‘[Compatibility Mode]’, indicating that you are not working on a pure Excel 2010 file yet, but a sort of hybrid version.

2  So, after saving the file, close it, then re-open it, and you will see that [Compatibility Mode] is now gone, and data sorts (and filters) now work!

This fix seems to work with any old .xls (2003 2007 Office Excel) files which occasionally crash.


I’m pretty sure there is a problem in Microsoft’s handling of the old Excel file format (.xls) and the newer XML file format (.xlsx).

For other issues which are more random run the Microsoft Office Repair in Control Panel (programs and features)