Effergy Meters (now called Owl Meters)?

I Bought 5 more effergy meters today for the lead management team £36 each. Basically it is a meter that measures the amount of electricity consumed in either Kw hr’s, Co2, Max Power usage etc… The best bit is the power alarm, basically the alarm goes off at 5KW’s. Effergy Meter

UPDATED September 2008; the team have really benefited from these meters, my own electric bill recently landed on the door step and it has reduced from £185 for August quarter 2007 to £89 August 2008 quarter end. The alarm works the best as we learnt early on the you either had the choice of the dishwasher or tumble dryer on at the same time as boiling the kettle. We regularly run at less than 500 watts now I have fitted the LED lights in the house. The really interesting thing is that the management team wail not give me back the meters either; as they have had similar results to myself.

UPDATED August 2009 Over the last year I have bought around £350 of these excellent devices for the crew.