Domesday Reloaded (Scarborough 1986)

“In 1986, 900 years after William the Conqueror’s original Domesday Book, the BBC published the Domesday Project. The project was probably the most ambitious attempt ever to capture the essence of life in the United Kingdom. Over a million people contributed to this digital snapshot of the country.

People were asked to record what they thought would be of interest in another 1000 years. ”

This has now been adapted and a current more up-to-date version is in the works.

For example the Open Air Theatre
Open Air Theatre

Or information on New Town Developments:
“The alteration of the main street banning traffic and paving the road is the most significant recent development. The old road was paved in the first half of 1984 by the council  workmen, and the area has been decorated with flower tubs, trees and  wooden seats leaving room for early  morning delivery vehicles. There are a wide variety of shops, supermarkets,  banks and building societies. The largest shop is Marks and Spencer which itself has been extended and  modernised. The precinct attracts a variety of buskers including a saxaphone player, a pianist and a  several bands who  perform during festivals. A recent development on the South Bay is an amusement complex,  called The Olympia, containing fast  food outlets, bumper cars, waltzers, a medieval village and a pub.”

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  1. I remember doing this when I was younger at Barrowcliff School. I like how they have kept the spelling and grammar mistakes.

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