Days out tested by us! – Peasholm Park

Taken from the Peasholm Park website:

Peasholm Park has a tranquil lake and in the summer months people can hire boats of all sorts to enjoy the water at close quarters. Boats include traditional rowing boats and canoes but pedaloes with dragon heads are available too and these prove to be very popular with summer visitors and locals alike. If you don’t fancy pedaling then go for a sail in the Swan launch where you can relax on the water and let someone else steer the boat. There is a bandstand in the middle of the lake and music concerts which are free of charge can often be heard during the summer season. During the tourist season there are two cafes where hot and cold drinks can be purchased and, of course, ice cream, plus sandwiches and full meals if wanted. What a beautiful place to sit sipping your coffee, looking at the lake whilst listening to the music. If you prefer, you can bring your own picnic. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy it. There is an island in the centre of the lake and a bridge leading across to it allows the visitor to explore the island with a path leading round it or by climbing up to the top with its impressive pagoda. The park has been designed with an oriental theme and there is much evidence of this as you wander through its pathways.

If you are ever in the area we recommend walking around the Marine Drive from the Crown Spa Hotel, then going to Peasholm Park.  Then enjoy a drink or ice cream in the many places located around the area.  Alternatively if the weather is fine you could hire a row boat or pedal boat and go around Peasholm lake.  Close-by is a small 18 hole golf course, for people who take their golf less seriously, which is great for kids and beginners.