Crown Spa Hotel Scarborough wind turbine proposal

A proposed mock-up of the Crown Spa Hotel Scarborough

During the last 6 years The Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough Green Team has continually reappraised each area of our environment policy. Our main strategy is to investigate and implement new technology or practices to reduce CO2 produced directly and indirectly from fossil fuels and to agree as a management team on-going best practice. We have earned many awards such as a National Award for Excellence in sustainability (in 2010) and a rating of 87% Gold rating for the Green Tourism Business Awards (2011).

The main focus for this current period is reducing consumption and improving efficiency in our Energy and Waste Management processes – especially during these difficult economic times.

The ever increasing cost of fuel for heat and power is a major risk to our business. If we as a business are to continue to prosper and compete as a leading independent leisure business in the region, we must attempt to “hedge our exposure” to this risk.

We have always had 2 main strategic aims since 2006

•             Our main environmental vision is to reduce KG’s CO2 output from fossil derived energy used in Water, Light, Heat and Power by 25% by 2010 from our 2005 – through staff training, energy efficient SMD bulbs, insulation and investment in energy saving technology and indeed producing some energy from biomass and solar hot water heating; this has now been achieved.

•             The further aim is a 50% reduction from our 2005 levels by 2015 – this can only be achieved by investment in further power generation schemes and more technology to help manage energy consumption.

A requirement for further power generation can only be met by wind power as there is not enough space within the confines of the property for solar PV.

Each wind turbine should produce 2,200 KWh of energy based on average wind speeds in the area. The total scheme will produce around 35,200 KWh per year, roughly around 5% of our electrical consumption – Equivalent to the electrical energy used by 7.5 average UK houses or 18 Tonnes of CO2.

This will result in the company reducing total running costs of the business by roughly £17,500 per annum and a payback period of 2.5 years and a reduced reliance on the volatile energy markets.

The choice of design of wind power units, have been ones which will both look elegant and pleasing to the eye, with minimum noise.

Please support our application by downloading a support letter here and sending it to

Regeneration & Planning, Town Hall, St. Nicholas Street,
Scarborough, YO11 2HG.