Jinitator (JVM, Java Virtual Machine) Hangs and NVIDA graphics card.

I came across the issue below when I was building 28 workstations (nice Xmas job); the supplier ran out of ATI graphics cards and offered me some better higher spec NVIDIA GT430 video cards.

I just knew that something would go wrong, when you change spec mid-build!

There seems to be an issue with Jinitator (JVM, Java Virtual Machine) and NVida cards, the problem firmly being in NVida’s camp.

The problem you get is IE hangs when you try to run functions of a program (which requires JVM to run) from an IE8 window.

No matter what you do following the software supplied guides the issue still persists, replace “jvm.dll”, reinstall etc.. Nothing resolves the issue!

Though the problem does not exist when you use the default Motherboard video card on same machine (as long as not NVida) or a different graphics card like ATI.

After a bit of fiddling I found the issue to be the Threaded optimization in the NVida cards settings being set to Auto.

(This is in the 3D settings- manage 3D settings- program settings tab, select a program to customise (choose micrsoft IE) the set “Threaded Optimisation” is set to Auto by default (change setting to ON.))

When this is set to Auto the logon to the Java Machine program shunts graphics to the wrong location on the screen then hangs when you try to run the program.

However if I set “Threaded optimization” in nVidia for Internet Explorer panel to on or off, the “hang” does not happen!

If I set it to auto, the “hang” does happen! Strangely the auto setting on the NVida graphics card is causing the crash.

Now I set “Threaded Optimization” to ON (or OFF), the Java Virtual Machine dependent program does not fail!