British bid for Scarborough ace Neale

SCARBOROUGH’S Mixed Martial Arts star Simon Neale can’t wait to get in the ring for his upcoming British Bantamweight title fight.

Neale, 26, is currently training hard for his clash in Doncaster against current title holder Lawson Tennant from Mansfield.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combination of various different combat skills including boxing and kick-boxing, and Neale has lofty ambitions of one day making it as a UFC fighter.

But he is first placing his attentions on ripping the British title away from Tennant, who he knows will offer up a tough challenge for him.

He said: “I’ve been training really hard for this fight. It is a massive opportunity for me to claim the British title and I’m not taking it lightly.

“I’ve been working on my boxing with Ryan Ashworth and my fitness and conditioning coach Danny Hague, and I am feeling ready to go now already.

“My coach Barry Moran has put in a lot of time with me and I am raring to go.

“I’ve been offered a lot of fights, including offers to go to places like Marbella and Romania, but this is a big fight for me and it one I’m confident of winning.”

Neale is making sure he leaves no stone unturned in his bid to wrestle the title away from Tennant, and he admits he has studied his opponent in great detail.

He added: “I have a video of him that I watch every morning when I wake up. We have a game plan that I am confident will work against him.”

The Scarborough man is itching to get in the ring and get the business done now.

He said: “All the hard work is done for me now. I’ve put a lot into my training and I hope it will pay off for me come fight night.

“He’s got something that I want and I am prepared to run through him to get it off him.

“I just want to get in the ring and do the business now, I can’t wait for fight night to come around.”

Neale believes that his superior stamina will become a key factor in the bout.

Neale added: “My cardio is immense. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and I’m prepared for the fight to go the full three rounds.

“The aim is to go into the third round and finish him then when he’s tired. If I can’t do that I’ll aim for the points win.”

Neale, who has been sponsored by the Crown Spa Hotel, added: “The Crown Spa have been great with me. I have to say thanks to them for everything.”

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