We Are Now Using Wax Printers

We have received 4 Xerox 8550 DN printers, these are network printers that use Wax instead of Toner. No more toner spills and the prints look really good. Xerox Wax Printer

UPDATED October 2008 We have been using these printers for some time; I really like them they are easy and cheap to repair when they go wrong and using the non-branded wax ink means they are far more cheaper to run. For example the maintenance kit is £65 and inks per print are around 50% less than toner. The previous Epson printer need a fuser at £250 and Photo conductor at £500 around 2 times per year for each printer, the wax printers cost £400 plus vat and use biodegradable wax! UPDATED October 2009, these printers have prooved to be much cheaper to run and I do recommend them!