Days out tested by us! – Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest is situated on the southern slopes of the North York Moors National Park.  The southern part of the forest is divided by a number of valleys creating a ‘Rigg and Dale’ landscape whilst to the north the forest sits on the upland plateau.

Although comprising mostly pines and spruces there are many broadleaf trees such as oak, beech, ash, alder and hazel both in the valleys and on the ‘Riggs’.

Clear streams arising in springs run north and south out of the forest. A lake has been created at Staindale.

The forest is home for birds such as the crossbill that elusive summer visitor the nightjar. Roe deer abound and badgers, the symbol of the forest, are a very common but nocturnal resident.

The signs of past settlers are all around. Burial mounds, linear, earthworks of unknown purpose and the remains of a flourishing rabbit warrening industry can be found throughout the wood.

A network of forest roads, including the 9 mile Dalby Forest Drive; provide access to this outstanding landscape. Formed in the Ice Age and shaped by the people from the Bronze Age to the present day, Dalby is very much a forest worth visiting.