Health & Fitness in the news – 07/07/2011

1. Get your child fit… for life – The Mirror

With summer holidays around the corner, it can be tempting to turn the television on, plug in the Xbox and put your feet up while the kids keep themselves entertained. But with 33% of primary school children and 25% of pre-schoolers now overweight or obese, ­parents can’t afford to take a back seat. Our obesity epidemic ­really is a ticking time bomb. Peter Helms, a paediatrician and Professor of Child Health at the University of Aberdeen, says a lack of exercise and poor diet is ­increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.
The Mirror

2. Overweight men have poorer sperm count – The Independent

Overweight or obese men, like their female counterparts, have a lower chance of becoming a parent, according to a comparison of sperm quality presented at a European fertility meeting Monday.
The Independent

3. McLaren gym work helps F1 team stay ahead – The Telegraph

It strikes me that the 1,000-strong workforce probably don’t suffer from Monday-morning blues. But Jonathan Neale, McLaren Racing’s managing director, tells me that motivating all the staff to “perform at their best” is an ongoing challenge. With my gym kit tucked under my arm, I sense he is talking about physical, as well as mental, ability.
The Telegraph

Health and Lifestyle

1. Health map reveals the ‘heart hotspots’ – The Express

The research reveals an alarming North-South divide when it comes to the risk of coronary heart disease. The danger varies widely between health authority areas, highlighting a postcode lottery of “heart hotspots”. For example, the number of people dying from heart disease in the Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust, near Manchester, is four times higher than that in Kensington & Chelsea, in London – 140 per 100,000 compared with 36 per 100,000.
The Express

2. Forget about facelifts and Botox – it’s your voice that really betrays your years, but now there could be an answer – Daily mail

When I hit 50 over a year ago, I began doing everything possible to halt the ageing process. I intensified my exercise regime, began using expensive anti-ageing creams, cut down on alcohol, started eating more healthily and had my hair dyed professionally instead of doing it at home over the bathroom sink. Then I realised something. Was I imagining it, or was my voice starting to betray my age? To me it sounded deeper, as well as reedy and a bit crackly.
Daily mail

3. ‘1 in 20 women’ hit by early menopause: Doctors baffled at rising numbers of under-40s affected – Daily mail

More than one in 20 women go through an early menopause which puts them at greater risk of heart attack, stroke and bone disease in later life, warn researchers. Higher than expected numbers stop having periods before the age of 40 for no known medical reason, a study has found.
Daily mail

4. How you can look fab at 50 – The Express

We all used to know what 50 looked like: short hair, comfy clothes and middle-aged spread. Today none of those old rules apply. According to a new poll, the best years of a woman’s life start once she is over 50, with 92 per cent of fiftysomethings surveyed saying they are, “happier than ever”.
The Express

Stampfeet loyalty cards (Crown Spa Hotel)

We are happy to announce a Crown Spa Hotel loyalty card scheme. Currently you are able to get a free coffee for every 5 you buy.  However in time we will fill the remaining two slots with more offers.

Below we have provided step by step instructions, on how you can get involved with the loyalty scheme.

The scheme uses mobile phone technology, currently only available via iPhone and Android with Blackberry having an application soon.

Step 1: This is the easy part, download the application to your mobile, the application is free to use.
iPhone edition here
Android edition here

Step 2: Launch the application and create an account.  You should now be up and running.

Step 3: Go to the Crown Spa Hotel and order a coffee.

Step 4: When making the purchase find the Crown Spa Hotel in the application and click the offer.

Step 5: The Stampfeet app has a ‘Stamp your feet’ button which you click on while completing a purchase. The app will ask you to show your handset to the cashier/waiter who can then choose how many stamps to award you by typing in a code.

Step 6: Upon getting your 5th stamp your next coffee is free.

Two more offers will be avaliable to use on the handset quite soon

My perfect weekend – Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw, who has recently had a treatment at the hotel said the following to the Telegraph.

“Jools even likes me to have my feet pedicured before I go on stage; I had a very posh treatment at the Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough recently.”

You can’t get higher praise than that.  If you want a “posh treatment” don’t hesitate in calling us on 01723 357488, or have a look at our shop.

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