Stampfeet loyalty cards (Crown Spa Hotel)

We are happy to announce a Crown Spa Hotel loyalty card scheme. Currently you are able to get a free coffee for every 5 you buy.  However in time we will fill the remaining two slots with more offers.

Below we have provided step by step instructions, on how you can get involved with the loyalty scheme.

The scheme uses mobile phone technology, currently only available via iPhone and Android with Blackberry having an application soon.

Step 1: This is the easy part, download the application to your mobile, the application is free to use.
iPhone edition here
Android edition here

Step 2: Launch the application and create an account.  You should now be up and running.

Step 3: Go to the Crown Spa Hotel and order a coffee.

Step 4: When making the purchase find the Crown Spa Hotel in the application and click the offer.

Step 5: The Stampfeet app has a ‘Stamp your feet’ button which you click on while completing a purchase. The app will ask you to show your handset to the cashier/waiter who can then choose how many stamps to award you by typing in a code.

Step 6: Upon getting your 5th stamp your next coffee is free.

Two more offers will be avaliable to use on the handset quite soon