Exchange students say farewell to the Crown Spa Hotel

Picture by Neil Silk (Scarborough Evening News)

A group of German exchange students said Auf Wiedersehen to Scarborough with a meal at the Crown Spa Hotel.

The students, who are from Hamburg, have been on work placements with various Scarborough companies during their month-long trip.

Businesses taking the students on included Boyes, the Golden Grid, Tricolos and the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

As the culmination of the visit, they prepared and organised the meal at the Crown Spa Hotel.

During their stay, they completed English lessons at Yorkshire Coast College in the mornings before heading to the various businesses.

It is the third year in a row that German students have visited Scarborough as part of the project, and it is hoped that next year students from Scarborough will complete a similar trip to Germany.

Christiane Alvers, who helped organise the exchange, said: “It was a big challenge for the students to go abroad and complete work placements but they managed very well. Visiting Scarborough was very exciting for them.

“They improved their knowledge of English and learned about cultural differences.

“We also got very good feedback from the businesses where they were working – some of them said they would employ them once they finished their training in Hamburg.”

Her colleague Wendy Swarvy added: “The students always enjoy themselves.”


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