Health & Fitness in the news – 06/06/2011

Exercise and Industry

1. Visits to online gym ‘help weight loss in real life’ – Metro
Researchers have discovered Confidence and motivation built in the virtual gym continued in reality. ‘It’s counter-intuitive, the idea of being more active in a virtual world,’ said Jeanne Johnston, assistant professor of kinesiology at Indiana University, who led the study. ‘Through visualisation and education, they can try activities that they had not tried before.’

2.  Cut the chip portions, fast-food chains told as NHS watchdog tries to combat obesity – Daily Mail
Fast-food chains could be told to cut the size of portions of chips, the chairman of the NHS watchdog says.Sir Michael Rawlins said the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) may produce guidelines to recommend smaller servings to help combat obesity.
Daily Mail

3. Men less likely to worry about obesity – The Press and Journal
There has been discussion lately in the media about whether men are less aware than women of the health risks caused by being overweight. Women often feel that they have more pressure on them to try and maintain a lower weight in order to appear slim and be perceived as more attractive. This desire to conform to cultural body images can lead to eating disorders, but it also means that women are more aware of their eating habits and the nutritional and calorific content of the food they consume.
The Press and Journal

4. your own personal trainer #7: mode – Menshealth Magazine
PT James King reveals which types of training will allow you to reach your goals fastest.
Menshealth Magazine

Health and Lifestyle

1. How to have a happy heart – The Mirror
Many of us don’t tend to get sensible about our heart health when we’re reasonably young and pretty fit, but this could be a serious mistake.
The Mirror

2. Asthma drug could help weight loss, say researchers – The Mirror
An asthma drug could help obese people lose weight. Formoterol, which also treats lung disease, increases metabolism and fat burning in adults who are at rest. An average adult could burn off an extra 200 calories a day by taking the medication, findings suggest.
The Mirror

3. Will your mobile turn you into a hunchback? – Daily Mail
How many people do you see walking down the street with their head held high these days? The answer is virtually none. Whether they’re choosing a song on their iPod, tapping out a text message on their phone or checking an email on their Blackberry, you’re more likely to see the top of their head than their eyes.
Daily Mail