Exchange students say farewell to the Crown Spa Hotel

Picture by Neil Silk (Scarborough Evening News)

A group of German exchange students said Auf Wiedersehen to Scarborough with a meal at the Crown Spa Hotel.

The students, who are from Hamburg, have been on work placements with various Scarborough companies during their month-long trip.

Businesses taking the students on included Boyes, the Golden Grid, Tricolos and the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

As the culmination of the visit, they prepared and organised the meal at the Crown Spa Hotel.

During their stay, they completed English lessons at Yorkshire Coast College in the mornings before heading to the various businesses.

It is the third year in a row that German students have visited Scarborough as part of the project, and it is hoped that next year students from Scarborough will complete a similar trip to Germany.

Christiane Alvers, who helped organise the exchange, said: “It was a big challenge for the students to go abroad and complete work placements but they managed very well. Visiting Scarborough was very exciting for them.

“They improved their knowledge of English and learned about cultural differences.

“We also got very good feedback from the businesses where they were working – some of them said they would employ them once they finished their training in Hamburg.”

Her colleague Wendy Swarvy added: “The students always enjoy themselves.”


Health & Fitness in the news – 28/06/2011

Exercise and Industry

1. How meditation could help your health – The TelegraphTranscendental meditation has been shown to significantly reduce depressive symptoms. One study of 36 patients with clinical depression found that symptoms almost halved after just three months and the benefits were maintained over a year-long period.
The Telegraph

2. Is liporexia the most dangerous slimming craze ever? – The MirrorTransform, one of the leading ­providers of surgery in the UK, reported a 17% increase in liposuction operations since last May. Of those patients, 21% were repeat customers. Shami Thomas, from Transform, explains: We’re seeing increasing numbers of women coming to us for repeat liposuction procedures on different parts of the body and it looks as though the trend is ­becoming more and more popular.
The Mirror

Health and Lifestyle

1. Sunlight stops breast cancer – The ExpressWomen who spend just three hours a day in the sunshine can halve their risk of developing breast cancer. A new study is the latest to hail the benefits of vitamin D as a weapon in the fight against cancer. Being outdoors stimulates the production of the “sunshine vitamin” and exposure to sunlight for 21 hours a week between April and October significantly cuts the chances of developing a tumour, the study found.
The Express

2. Why doughnuts can make you depressed…and the other surprising, everyday triggers that can cause depression – Daily MailAs much as they might cheer us up at the time, comfort foods such as doughnuts can be bad for the waistline and for mental well-being. ‘We tend to crave sugary and fatty foods for a quick mood fix, but the sugar crash that follows could make you feel worse,’ explains Helen Bond, of the British Dietetic Association.
Daily Mail

3. How a stitch in time makes you feel fine – Scottish ExpressWhether it is knitting, gardening or having a good sing-song, our hobbies can boost our mental and physical health. Having a hobby has always been considered one of the best ways to deal with the pressures of life. Yet evidence is emerging that the benefits of having a favourite pastime go way beyond simply distracting us from the burden of worries about money, work or relationships. Having a hobby bolsters our physical as well as our mental wellbeing.
Scottish Express

Health & Fitness in the News – 27/06/2011

Exercise and Industry

1. Skinny gene ‘raises risk of heart disease’ – Daily MailThey may be the envy of their fuller-figured friends, but slim people shouldn’t feel too self-satisfied. Being trim doesn’t guarantee they are healthy. Researchers have found a so-called ‘lean gene’ that helps them keep weight off but also raises their odds of developing diabetes and heart disease. The link is particularly strong in men, meaning those with washboard stomachs may not be quite as healthy as they think.
Daily Mail

2. 50s can be a new start in life – The MirrorThe report found around one in five over-50s feel more energetic and enjoy more of a zest for life than they did in their 20s. And more than 70% of the “fit at 50s” do more exercise than when they were young.
The Mirror

3. Dr Dukan: The diet deity – The TelegraphPippa Middleton doesn’t do the Dukan diet, but her mother does, along with Jennifer Lopez, Penélope Cruz, and three million French women, who kept his weight loss plan to themselves for almost eight years, les vaches. In an interview last year, Pippa expressed disbelief at Carole’s new diet. “It’s so odd, she ate prawns and cottage cheese for lunch yesterday. Just prawns and cottage cheese.”
The Telegraph

Health and Lifestyle

1. Shockwaves that can heal broken bones: New treatment avoids need for surgery on fractures that won’t join up –  Daily MailMore than 650,000 such injuries are suffered in the UK each year, the majority in either younger men  –  who often lead more physically intensive lives  –  or older women, because a large proportion suffer from the bone-thinning disease, osteoporosis.  In most cases fractures heal naturally, usually with the help of a splint or cast to keep the bone in place, over a period of weeks or months.
Daily Mail

2. How gravity can knock you sideways – The TelegraphThe name may be tricky but the explanation is simple. Normally, when someone stands up, the blood, which gravity dictates should sink below the abdomen and pool around the ankles, miraculously remains waist high. If you have PoTs, this doesn’t happen. Gravity wins and blood drains down into the abdomen and legs. The heart races to try to get blood back to the brain, and the result is fainting and dizziness.
The Telegraph

Health & Fitness in the News – 23/06/2011

Exercise and Industry

1. Kids want to be fit – it’s up to us to help them! – The Mirror

As well as training, schools have been teaching lessons on the importance of healthy eating. The UK has reached an epidemic in childhood obesity and currently one in three children is classed as clinically obese when they leave primary school.
The Mirror

Health and Lifestyle

1. Want to lose weight? Then eat extra helpings of yoghurt and nuts – The Telegraph

Experts have found that the more good food in one’s diet, the more weight one loses over the long term. Their study of almost 120,000 people, five-sixths of whom were women, discovered that extra helpings of yoghurt, nuts, fruit, whole grains and vegetables were all linked to weight loss. The team, from Harvard School of Public Health, quantified the effect that eating particular types of food daily had on weight gain or loss.
The Telegraph

2. Caveman diet voted best way to lose weight (by readers of a report that found it least effective) – Daily Mail

Even celebrity favourites, such as the Dash diet and the South Beach diet failed to find favour with consumers. And only around a fifth of readers rated the Zone diet, which is said to count Jennifer Aniston among its fans. Today, advocates of the Paleo diet published a response to the U.S. News and World report. Loren Cordain, professor of health and exercise at Colorado State University, explained how the regime had been proven to reduce blood pressure and insulin resistance in no less than five studies
Daily Mail

3. City dwellers suffer most stress – The Telegraph

The biological reasons were unknown, but new research, reported in Nature, shows different parts of the brain are used depending on where you live. City residents place more stress on the amygdala, which is involved with emotional regulation and mood, whereas country dwellers show more activity in the cingulate cortex – associated with regulating stress.
The Telegraph

4.  Potato chips are piling on the pounds, study finds – The Guardian

Weight problems are epidemic. Two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity has tripled in the past three decades. Pounds often are packed on gradually over decades, and many people struggle to limit weight gain without realizing what’s causing it. The new study finds food choices are key. The message: Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Cut back on potatoes, red meat, sweets and soda.
The Guardian

Top ten attractions in Scarborough

There is more to do in Scarborough then some people may think, we have chosen ten attractions that you must visit when coming here.  Don’t forget though that they’re more attractions on offer.

1. Sea Life Centre
Scarborough Sea Life and Marine Sanctuary will take you on a journey beneath the waves and introduce you to many strange, beautiful and fascinating creatures of the deep.  Views of everything from humble starfish to mighty sharks.

2. Scarborough Castle
Scarborough castle conceals over 3000 years of turbulent history dating right back to the Bronze Age. It is said that King Richard lll enjoyed the view from the battlements so much so that he still walks them today.

3. Peasholm Park
Peasholm Park is an oriental themed park offering a beautiful system of streams and waterfalls, mini bridges and mystical gardens. There is a vast array of wildlife including an abundance of tame grey squirrels. Don’t forget you peanuts!

4. Scarborough Harbour
The harbour is situated under the Castle Headland in the South Bay. It is formed by three piers, the outer harbour being set aside for leisure activities while most of the port’s communal activities take place in the main or ‘old’ harbour.

5. Stephen Joseph Theatre
The Theatre has a national and international reputation and is ‘home’ to Sir Alan Ayckbourn, the world’s most performed living playwright.

6. Rotunda Museum
The Rotunda is the 2nd oldest purpose-built museum in Britain. Built to the specifications of William Smith – the father of English geology in 1828, the museum has been a focal point for geology and local history enthusiasts ever since.

7. Spa Complex
The Spa offers a range of conference suites and entertainment venues, including a 600-seater Victorian theatre and the Grand Hall that is home to the Scarborough Spa Orchestra.

8. Scarborough Open Air Theatre
Recently redeveloped this open air theatre, originally closed in 1985, Europe’s largest open air theatre.

9. Scarborough Art Gallery
Italianate villa built in the 1840s as part of the Crescent.  It displays Scarborough’s fine art collection, which features seascapes and views of Scarborough.  Also offers temporary exhibitions.

10. North Bay Miniature Railway
Opened in 1931, the Miniature Railway is one of the few railways in the country not to be nationalised. Situated in the Northstead Manor Gardens, this 20” gauge railway is ¾’s of a mile long with all the features of a full sized railway.

Health & Fitness in the news – 13/06/2011

Exercise and Industry

1. Exercise ‘cuts stroke risk’

New research has claimed that exercise may significantly reduce the risk of strokes in older people. Experts found that 64-year-olds who take part in moderate-to-intense exercise on a regular basis have a lower chance of experiencing a vascular event than those who do not exercise. Nursing Practice

Health and Lifestyle

1. Nicotine treatment ‘could control obesity’

Scientists have identified a group of neurons in the brain responsible for smokers’ lack of appetite. Researchers found nicotine activates neurons to send signals the body has had enough to eat. However they are not the same neurons which trigger a craving for tobacco. As a result, the researchers say nicotine-based treatments could help control obesity. BBC

2. Ambulances must focus on patients, says Audit Office – BBC News

Ambulance services have been too focused on response times and not enough on patient care, according to the National Audit Office (NAO). A NAO report said patients’ emergency care was being delayed, with ambulances forced to queue outside hospitals and unable to respond to other calls. BBC

3. Fruit juice ‘has too much sugar for it to be a five-a-day’

Fruit juice should not be counted as one of your five-a-day because it contains too much sugar – but dried fruit should, two new studies suggest. Most health guidelines encourage people to consume drinks such as orange and apple juice in order to have a healthy balanced diet yet ignore dried fruits. The Telegraph

Look Good, Feel Great 6 week trial membership

Throughout June, July & August 2011 you can purchase a 6 week trial to Scarborough’s Premier Health Club for only £50.










Trials include full use of gym facilities, induction, pool & relaxation.

For further information, visit or call 01723 357480

Health & Fitness in the news – 08/06/2011

Exercise and Industry

1.Right Directions to deliver new FIA code – Leisure Management

FIA CEO Dave Stalker added: “The Code of Practice is an important statement to the government and other regulatory bodies that the physical activity sector is a professional industry, which takes its operation and duty of care seriously.”
Leisure Management

Health and Lifestyle

1. UK doctors begin pioneering asthma treatment – BBC News

Instead of using drugs such as steroids, a wire probe is inserted into the lungs and then heats the tissue.  Currently, the procedure – called bronchial thermoplasty – is not being used anywhere else in Europe.  The technique uses 10-second bursts of radio waves which heat the lining of the lungs to 65 degrees Celsius. That destroys some of the muscle tissue which constricts during an asthma attack, making breathing difficult.
BBC News

2. Chocoholic nation – The Express

With nearly one in four adults overweight – twice the EU average – health experts say 60 per cent of men, half of women and 25 per cent of children will be obese by 2050. Yet a new study found 64 per cent of us admit to eating at least one or two chocolate bars a day and 59 per cent own up to consuming a bag or two of crisps.
The Express

3. Pomegranate juice could reduce workplace stress – The Independent

Pomegranate juice could reduce stress in the workplace, according to new research. The study found that having the drink every day resulted in lower stress hormones and a reduction in blood pressure.
The Independent

For 100 years Crown Spa Hotel has been in the Michelin Guide

Michelin Guide Scarborough Hotel
100 Years for Michelin, 166 for the Crown Spa Hotel!

As the Michelin Guide celebrates being 100 years old, the Crown Spa Hotel will commemorate its own landmark achievement of appearing in the first and current 2011 guide.  The Crown Spa Hotel has seen many changes from the initial Michelin Guide in 1911.

100 Years for Michelin, 166 for the Crown Spa Hotel!

In 1845 the first purpose built hotel in Scarborough was finally finished.   Standing prominent on the South Bay cliffs, with stunning views overlooking the South Bay, it continues to strive for the ambience that you would expect from a hotel of this calibre.

The Crown Spa Hotel offers high levels of comfort and service. Exhilarating views of the South Bay, castle headland and harbour all combine to make the Crown the Number One choice for discerning visitors.  The Scarborough Spa Theatre Complex is close by and the town centre is a short walk away. The Crown Spa Health Club is an award winning private members’ and hotel guests club within the hotel and boasts a fully equipped gymnasium with qualified instructors. A range of activities is on offer: personal training sessions, lifestyle sessions, Jacuzzi, steam room, indoor pool, and aromatherapy. Crown Spa Treatments are also available: spa and beauty treatments in an ideal environment for relaxation, rejuvenation and total wellbeing. Dining in the Taste Restaurant offers a modern fusion of modern European and tasty traditional Yorkshire cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients where possible. The setting is either modern for smart casual dining or sophisticated fine dining in a separate section. Scarborough is an excellent base from which to explore the Dales, Moors and coastal hamlets of the Real Yorkshire.

The Crown Spa Hotel continues to provide Spa Treatments as was originally intended when it was first built in 1845.

Health & Fitness in the news – 07/06/2011

Exercise and Industry

1. Eat carbs, lose weight: How carbohydrates can help you eat less and burn more calories – Daily MailFor years they’ve been a no-no but now a diet taking America by storm says bread, pasta and potatoes can help you drop half a stone in a week… Weightloss wonder: You can still eat carbs and shed the pounds according to a new diet Low-carbohydrate diets have been all the rage for some time. And with an estimated 15 per cent of the UK population following a reduced-carb diet at any one time, they’re certainly popular.
Daily Mail

2.  Get fit faster: Five of the best heart rate monitors – Daily MailIt’s important for health to give your body a proper cardiovascular workout  this means raising your heart rate. Here, Matthew Curley, strength and conditioning coach at the Pure Sports Medicine Clinic in London, identifies five of the best heart rate monitors to help you.
Daily Mail

Health and Lifestyle

1. They’re taller, better fed and have fewer fillings – so why are today’s children less healthy than 50 years ago? – Daily MailFifty years ago, children were fitter, and as research published last month showed, even ten years ago they were also much stronger. Another study published last month found an increasing number of primary school children suffering from arthritic-type pain from using phones and games consoles. The researchers said the problems,  wrist and finger pain were normally seen only in elderly patients with chronic rheumatism.
Daily Mail

2. Heart risks in Additives – The ExpressLowering your intake of phosphates (a common food additive) can reduce the risk of heart disease, according to research. A connection between a highphosphate diet and the causes of heart disease has been discovered by University of Sheffield scientists. Foods high in phosphates include biscuits, cakes, sweets, dairy products and meats such as offal and veal.
The Express