Health & Fitness in the news – 13/05/2011

Exercise and Industry

1. Tories blasted for charging kids to use public playground – The Mirror

Mean- minded Tory councillors were blasted yesterday for charging children to use a public playground. Town hall chiefs in Conservative-run Wandsworth, South London, are demanding that youngsters between five and 16 cough up £2.50 a head for access to the swings and roundabouts.
The Mirror

2. Children ‘risking heart disease’ by not exercising – The Telegraph

Researchers who looked at 223 children, whose average age was just under 10, found that those who exercised the least had more body fat and a higher resting pulse rate than those who exercised the most. Girls in particular could be jeopardising their future health by not exercising sufficiently, they discovered.
The Telegraph

Health and Lifestyle

1. New arthritis drug given green light – The Telegraph

Those with moderate to severe RA will now be able to get Simponi, the brand name of the drug golimumab, in some situations where similar treatments have not worked.
The Telegraph