Get a Healthy Glow with Organic Skin Care Products

Have you ever looked at the ingredients label on your favorite bottle of moisturizer or foundation? Chances are, the list contains lots of chemicals that are practically impossible to pronounce. Have you ever wondered what kind of long-term effects these chemicals can have on your face? I have, which is why I switched to organic skin care products about a year ago. Now my face has a healthy glow that makes me look years younger and far healthier than ever!

My friends have noticed the difference, and asked me to share my secret. I told them about my new regimen that consists of only organic skin care products, thinking they would immediately share my enthusiasm. I was therefore surprised to see my revelation met with a bit of skepticism. Apparently, my friends had tried some items marked “all-natural”, but didn’t get the results they were after. After asking them a few follow-up questions, it seems that they weren’t really using the right brands. Because it’s so trendy to be natural these days, many manufacturers are decorating their packaging with pretty flowers adding a touch of herbal extract, and marketing their stuff as organic skin care products. Obviously that’s not what I meant!

In order to find the best organic skin care products, it’s essential that you do some research first. If you have a beauty consultant or esthetician that you regularly see at the salon or spa, then she can probably start you out with some great recommendations. This would be the best route, since the person is already familiar with your skin and any specific issues (such as oiliness or dryness) that you might have. Also, your regular esthetician is likely to be aware of your general budget and how much you usually spend on beauty creams or whatnot, so she’ll be able to recommend a product that you can afford.

If you don’t have a consultant, then you can just do some online research. Take inventory of your usual beauty supplies first, and then try to find organic skin care products to replace the ones you use. This could be anything from moisturizer to cold cream, wrinkle cream, toner, cleanser, serum, makeup, and even bath gels. Once you figure out which items you want to buy, go ahead and check for some organic skin care products that have a good reputation among consumers. There are lots of customer review websites and beauty-related message boards where people can offer their personal opinions and experiences with a particular product, and these are often wonderful places to find unbiased information.

Switching to organic skin care products can help you start looking your very best. If you haven’t gone all natural yet, then you could be doing more damage to your face than good. Make the change today!