Third Carbon Trust Survey

Just had out 3rd Carbon Survey, conducted by Paul Reading (www. ).

Targets and opportunities to look at this time are:

  1. Staff and Customer Energy Management awareness
  2. Monitoring and Targeting
  3. Reduce Energy for Catering Operations
  4. Heating Control Improvements
  5. Variable Speed Drives for pumps
  6. Consider CHP
  7. Solar Energy Options

1. Staff training is always a good thing and should permanently be on these reports to remind us that it is the people who waste energy not equipment!

2. We already have a target of 50% on our 2005 energy usage levels, and calculate against turnover, activity levels etc… Monitoring would be much easier though if “networked data loggers” were cheaper!

3. The Catering side can be responsible for large amounts of energy wastage, so more training and monitoring needs to be implemented here.

4. Heating control improvements, we are just looking at replacing our existing system with a better system at the moment.

5. Variable Speed Drive for Pumps (VSD); talk of the devil! Just after the inspection a couple of our pumps failed (2HP) and we were going to swap them for VSD pumps. However, when you work out the cost and consider the fact that they are small 2hp the payback time was ludicrously long! Sop the option failed the economic test!

6. Combined Heat and Power (CHP); I am really up for this but we recently changed our water heaters for brand new Lochinvar 98% efficient units. Shame, I really wanted to produce our own electricity.

7. Solar Energy options; the solar system needs a better control system, which we are looking into at the moment.