Direct Transport website?

I met with a journalist last night called Richard Hammond who put me onto a website called which allows you to make journeys using a mix of public transport. There is even a cycle route web widget.

I have just put a webwidget on our website, so if you want to calculate the best sustainable route to a destibnation you can.

What KgCO2 are we using per Unit?

I just got a call about this question we are using for electricity 0.43 Kg CO2 per KWhr, for gas 2.2Kg per M3, for water 0.261Kg Co2 per M3.

By the way the latest graphs are below for Kg Co2 we produce from Power, light and heat.

Figures YTD 5 months into financial year

We are 5 months into the financial year, with the best of the weather ahead to really test the solar heating capabilities.

Hopefully the next order of SMD lights will arrive next week.

What have you been up to lately?

Attended the Y10 conference recently and was asked “what have we been doing on the green front lately?”

We installed the bio-boilers and are now moving them again to a more permanent location in transport container. All is not lost as the old pipe work will be used for the new laundry equipment as the laundry needed to expand with the increase in demand from the hotel business. I am very pleased as it is a good opportunity to install a new 10foot high accumulator which will make the heating system more efficient.

Rainwater harvesting install is going to plan and is already supplying the public toilets with rain water harvested from the roof.

Solar panels, these are producing a lot of hot water and the pool is presently the main benefactor as at this time of year most heat is produced when guests have left their rooms and are exploring the local area, at this time the control system is manually (will be fully automatic shortly) switched over to the pool heating circuit. The gas consumption in the pool area has fallen by 20% in the last month (year on year) for the pool boilers, though overall gas consumption is up in the financial year to date due to the cold weather in January 2010 which resulted in 30% increase in gas consumption that month.

LED lights, I am just about to place another order for LEDs (due to a lot of enquires), we will be shortly selling these items on eBay having satisfied ourselves that our supply’s are good quality. Overall the electricity usage did increase a little overall in January 2010 on prior year (bad weather and gloomy days), I am happy that the total financial year to date consumption is down on last year (again!)

So overall since November 2009 (the start of our financial year) to February 2010 we are

2% up on KG’s CO2 from gas consumption on prior year,

6.5% down on KG’s CO2 from electricity consumption on prior year,

35% down on CO2 from water consumption on prior year,

Resulting in a 2.5% less CO2 from the combined CO2 from power, light, heat and water consumption.

( NB Different types of energy are used to different quantities in the business, our biggest fossil fuel derived CO2 culprit is electricity, then gas then water, so if you really want to make big “inroads” into reduction of fossil fuel derived CO2 just turn the electrical items off when not in use, replace inefficient bulbs and turn that thermostat down!) You do not need to invest in expensive projects until you do the simple stuff that works first!

You also need to consider your own organisations circumstances, requirments and main useage culprits!