The year so far what have we produced in CO2!

Today I did a quick calculation on the amount of CO2 we produced on a rolling year to July 2009 compared to the previous rolling 12 month period, I got some strange but dissapointing results which puzzled me at first.

We have reduced tonnes of CO2 by 15 metric tonnes C02 produced from 776Kg tonnes (year to July 2008) to 761Kg tonnes (year to July 2009), roughly 2%. However this does not include the “to be finally fitted” solar panels, the “to be fitted” rainwater harvesting, the use of our LEDs for the full year in many areas (this has been a problem lately as many of the bulbs have failed and I am awaiting replacements) and the “to be finally fitted” wood burning boiler to power heated water for the laundry, it also masked the carbon saving of bringing the laundry in house (see below) which will be roughly 11KG tonnes CO2 since it was brought in house in January 2009.

So I can say we have saved around 3.5% CO2 (adjusted for the 11Kg tonnes CO2 above ) on the previous year at the moment, though on the face of it this does not appear to be a big saving and I must say i felt a little “down on the matter”.

So I got out the older figures and then I realised that in 2005 our values were 1,005,000 KG. So since 2005 we have reduced by 25% our CO2 impact and yet we have increased the number of room nights occupied in the hotel by 12.5% without the BIG CO2 benefit of having installed and fully running quick fixes things like solar panels abd wood burning boilers which would have affected the past values tremendously.

In previous years our values for CO2 produced were

2005 1,005,000 KG
2006 909,000 KG -10%
2007 809,000 KG -12%
2008 767,439 KG -05%
2009 761,662 KG -03%

Kg’s CO2 produced per room night has fallen from 45.7 in 2005 to 32.5 year rolling to July 2009 (I expect the this year’s “year end” results to drop further as the influence of the season starts with a busy August, September and October). So we will just have to wait and see.