LED Lighting GU10 and BC22 the future?

Today I received £250 of LED lights from China for home, they are in various forms GU10 60 LED, BC22 (uk bulb Fitting 48 LED). I have done a calculation on the energy consumption below for my kitchen.60 LED GU10

I have 20 50 watt GU10 bulbs in my kitchen on for around 6 hours a day which costs £220 per annum; I have changed these for 20 48LED 2.5 watt bulbs at a total cost of £120 these and they would cost £10.95 per year to run; pay back is 7 months!

No brainier; the bulbs on a bench test seem to use between 2.5W to 3W depending on which bulb, is this the future of lighting; changing them is a doodle as LED’s run cold though you need to let the fitting which had the halogen bulb in cool down first or they will not light up immediately!

UPDATED November 2008; I was in B&Q today and they have also started selling LED lights not as bright as the ones from China but it is a start.