Scarborough Fair Carbon Offset Gets Off the Ground

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Scarborough Fair Carbon

The organisation has been working with Scarborough Fair Carbon for the last 6 months we finally got the system off the ground having worked closely with Andy Sharp of Scarborough Fair Carbon. This allows guests to offset their visit to the Crown Spa Hotel by making a contribution whilst they are in the hotel; though David Frank our Green Director is somewhat anti-offset. Whenever we burn fossil fuels, be it in a power station, in a car engine, in a boiler or on an open fire, we add extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This is the major cause of climate change. Scarborough Fair Carbon doesn’t prevent these emissions, but it does:
• Give customers the opportunity to offset the emissions resulting from their own visit
by purchasing verified reductions in emissions which have been made by renewable energy projects in developing countries.
• Transfer resources to those countries so that they can avoid our worst excesses.
• Encourage the local hospitality trade to improve its environmental performance.
• Help to develop sustainable local tourism.
• Raise awareness of our everyday emissions and their impact.
It does this by
• Calculating how much carbon dioxide is emitted, on average, by each room per night.
• Donating at least 10% of receipts to sustainable tourism projects in Yorkshire.
As well as the emissions from your stay we’re also happy to cover the emissions from your
journey to and from Scarborough; the rough calculations are below so that guests can carbon offset their environmental impact.

Mode 50 miles 100 miles 200 miles 400 miles
Small car 45p 90p £1.80 £3.60
Medium car 55p £1.10 £2.20 £4.40
Large car 75p £1.50 £3.00 £6.00
Bus/train (per passenger) 15p 30p 60p £1.20
Aero plane (per passenger) £1.80 £3.60